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About ``Beyond The Ride``

We have created the first peer-led rating and reviewing platform for cycling events, with valued advice and insights from our very own community.

The No. 1 goal of “Beyond the Ride” is really to bring inspirational and aspirational content about the best races and events in South Africa. As a website it allows people with similar interests in cycling to come together and share information, reviews, photos and videos on a single platform.  It is the first ever truly connected community platform, where you can create, discover, share and follow original cycling content and experiences from not only your friends, but also from cycling influencers and local experts.

“Beyond the Ride” leverages the wisdom of community-powered experiences, evolving from reviews and images of personalised, shareable cycling event recommendations and content.

How It Works

Follow the steps below to review your first ride

Reviews (for the riders)

  1. Browse events/rides until you find the race you rode
  2. Click on the event/ride to add your review
  3. Review the ride
  4. Add your photos
  5. Share your review with fellow riders

Easy peasy…
If an event you have ridden is not available on the site, please let us know so that we can get in touch with the organisers or add it ourselves –

Add a Ride (for organisers)

  1. Go to the add a ride page.
  2. Select a ride placement preference (free or paid).
  3. Complete all the relevant information.
  4. Submit event
  5. Share your event on every platform you can think of and encourage riders to review and rate your event.

Just as easy peasy…
If you have any problems adding your event or find it as challenging as the EPIC, please get in touch with us –